12 Aug 2014

The summerwind was blowing in

I am totally in awe about the new dress by Orsini Red. 
It s called Summer Wind and comes in five thrilling colours.
I couldn t help it but freak around taking some cutie pics :)

Get yours at the OrsiniRed mainstore :)

hair: Exile
shoes: Fri.day

Have fun discovering!

3 Aug 2014

Have fun he said...

after dropping in at the Dressing Room Fusion I felt like dressing up, 
.. so I thought I d jump over to GOL 9th to see what s happening.

 kubik collar: glow @ TDRF
bandage skirt: 1992 @ TDRF
cuffed crop shirt: Faun @ TDRF
hand tattoo: TAOX
 Oxfort heels: The secret Store

Jet heels : Fri.day
leather vest and pants: 2Chez

dress: Faun
hair: Analog Dog

Have a happy sunday,
Hills :)

1 Aug 2014

Gatcha baby!

Maybe you know how it is - you remember this one pair of pants..
you know exactly what it looked like but you can t recall the name...
So you begin digging deeep in your inventory.
Finally you find something, try it on and ... it s something totally diffrent.
But damn cool too.
That s what happened to me with the pants I m wearing today.
I really love those and I have been wearing them for days now
 - the only trouble with those pants is, that they re not available anymore.
So what I am actually saying is that this blogpost 
is probably almost totally meaningless ? Nuuuuu! :)

PILOT - Inflatable Chair [Pink]
 Ok, the shoes are still available and they re darn sexy (and slink feet compatible!) 
Also availabnle and so cute are the tank shirts you can see below.
I freaked out playing a little gatcha at the Mooh! mainstore, 
which is a cute place to check out if 
you re also captured by the gatcha fever.
Btw should you be looking for Wellies but don t intend to spend a fortune
for them at the *whispers*: GOS store *coughs* ... go play gatcha ;)
I friend of mine confided to me that he has over 200 gatcha items.
Gosh, ey? - But tbh: I haven t counted mine yet ;)

Since this year`s hairfair I have been hooked on this great hairdo by analog dog called "42". 
I ve always been crazy about curly hair and since Analog Dog 
provides their new releases with colour huds as well, I don t care much for mesh  ... atm that is ;P

The tatto layer for slink hands is from TAOX and can be found in the sim next to
the Slink mainstore. Thats also where I picked up those shoes by Bushu
They come in a variety of colours and I almost got the fatpack but 
managed to pin my hand down somehow... lol.
Speaking of bondage... the pics were taken at the Tierra de Fuego sim.
I ve come to appriciate the variety of scenery the sim 
provides and the calm atmosphere there is very pleasant.

Anyway ... those pants - they re smashing, I love the vibrant colours and I m really
sorry that I didn t get the fatpack back then when they were available at a charity event.
If I remember it correctly it was the charity event held for Gala Phoenix who was at the time
facing a legal issues concerning her skin store.
But that is history. Gala skins are back. Speaking of checking out that store again...
pheww.. there is always something to do in SL, isn t there?
You tell me something else, please!

Have a great friday, everyone :)

28 Jul 2014


"Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again"
Maybe you have seen the famous Hitchock movie called"Rebecca" from 
1940 based on a novel by Daphne de Maurier. It s one of my favorite movies from the time 
when the so called dreamfactory (i.e. Hollywood) was producing famous black & white classics.
Hitchcock was just about to become famous in The States. Rebecca was his first movie produced
there and he even won the Acadamy award for best picture in 1941.
Rebecca is also the latest release by AvaGardner Kunglers and 
it also her first evening mesh gown!

If you re familiar with the story of the movie then you know that Rebecca is a merely ghostlike figure 
who never appears and of whom the spectator only gets to see a painting at some point of the film.
 What she really looks like is totally up to ones imagination.
Maybe AvaGardner had this movie in the back of her head when she created this gown. 
So it was great fun to play a little 
with looks and styles, trying to imagine what Rebecca really looked like.
I fell in love with the red version of the gown, thinking
this might be the one that represents her character best - 
a fearless, independent woman who loved life,
was somewhat evil and careless with other peoples`feelings
and who had affairs during her marriage. With both men and women.

If this got you all curious now and you want to watch the movie
you might want to follow the link to the Youtube-video below :)

You can see the full movie here :

Have a lovely time!

27 Jul 2014

Colours that occur

Life is a constant learning process. When I was growing up I used to think
 I d only have to reach the age of 18 to be a real grown up person. Having reached the age of 18 
I thought: once I ll reach 24 I will have that model figure I always wanted to have and once I m 30 
I ll know enough to finally be as good in my job as I thought I d have to be in order to be contend with myself.
Today at present time while looking back I realize that life is not supposed to be perfect. Not at any age.
And even when you achieve a lot in life and plan it well and luck has it that things turn out the way you 
like them to, there will always be something left that keeps pinching your cheeks 
and makes you think life should be better than it is.
I know it s time to relax and be happy with how things are.

"candelaria" sweater/ mavma
lamp / Trompe Loeil
 harem pants / Tentacio

hair / analog Dog (@ hairfair2014)

But what has all this to do with today`s post? I looked deep into my inventory and found some nice
forgotten items of the past. And instead of hunting forthe newest releases 
to present here on my blog I m showing "oldies but goldies".
Hope you like some of them :) 

left: summer nights cardigan / tokiD.
Middle: cardigan ancient / songwah
right: wool cardigan /colourme H.O.F.

suit: Ison
all shoes/ Fri.day

New opportunities show itself these days to me and they
have their roots in the past.
I ll pick them up where I left them off knowing
things were good then. And things are good today.

Have a nice sunday everyone :)

24 Jul 2014

Skating away ...

The song by Jethro Tull comes to mind instantly.
I love the song and the new poses and skateboard probs by Grafica
are really cool. I grabbed it and went to the Tierra de Fuego sim
as I recalled they do have the appropriate half-pipe for it :)

Only after uploading the picture above I asked myself if
maybe I m helping Mr. Sidek place his product instead!? ;)
Ah well,.. don t mind really.
I m sure there are situations in life when Sideks Finest
can come in quite handy! ;P

"Street Skater" (5 poses & props) : Grafica Poses
cropped sarrouel pants: Chronokit
sweater: I have NO idea! :))
hair: LoQ

Have fun doing whatever it is you re doing :)
and skate some ;)


4 Jul 2014

Gifts and future gifts

Posing is about attitude. And attitute sells products.
I was send a few poses to try out before the opening of Attitude 
and I am glad AlexiaMax  
was as generous. 
Attitude is a new pose-store that will open its doors soon.

lipstick/ glamaffair

A wonderful store we already know and adore is Zibska
A generous groupgift awaits you at the Zibska mainstore!

 Lisse is a wonderful cocktail dress that comes with a hud for 
six diffrent texture options. 


shoes: Diana heels /fri.day
hair: dura '24
dress/ Zibska

Have a lovely weekend :)

30 Jun 2014

Wrapped up in Rhapsody

The Rhapsody Event has opened it s doors last saturday  and you can find both well-knows designers
and newcomers displaying their work around the theme of  music and show-business.
I found an unusual high number of pose creators participating in the event
and I thought this was nice. For me it`s great fun to hop on those posestands and 
get inspired by the seemingly endless creativity of posemakers.
For a fashion photographer like me poses are a vital thing in order
to present fashion but it s also true that I dont have my roots 
in the fashion world of SL but rather 
in clubbing and dancing.

So if you re also into clubs and all kinds of music the Rhapsody event is
something for you.If you want to know
what else is available you might want to check out the

The poses you see here are from Grafica Poses
The Creator behind the name is Alyx Aerallo, also a very talented photographer and great stylist. 
Check out Alyx´s  Flickr too :)

Grab your cab to the Rhapsody event
and have fun discovering :)