18 Aug 2019

Lunar @ Equal10

The latest Lunar reease is a over flickr, I know... 
I m sorry you have to deal with the fact that it´s 
all over my blog now as well ;P

Lunar @ Equal10

16 Aug 2019

Whatever I want ...

Another set of naughty poses that can be grabbed
at the Pose Fair after dark event.
Just grab and have fun !

Movement Poses - "Whatever I want" @ Pose Fair after dark

Sintiklia  hair "Titania"

Lunar "Mimi set" @ Equal10 event

Concept  "El Charco" set (gacha) @ Mainstore

15 Aug 2019

Don´t stop ...

Movement Poses " Don´t stop" couple pose @ Pose Fair after dark 

*Vanilla Bae * Space Babe Shorts

*Vanilla Bae * Space Babe Top 

Magika - Disarray

11 Aug 2019

equal10 has opened

Once again loads of nice goodies to grab. 
Equal10 has become one of the most popular events next to Uber and Collab88.
For me it s the address to visit each month and even more so now since
I got invited to the team of bloggers last month.
So heeeere is something cute I just had to show you guys.
I went out of my gaming chair riiight into the gym! - 
Who wud have guessed!? YaY! 

.Safira. Daisy Bottle @  Equal10 

.Safira. Daisy Bra (Legacy)@ Equal10

.Safira. Daisy Short (Legacy)@ Equal10

.Safira. Daisy Sports Bag @ Equal10

KUNI - Hera (S) @ Equal10

8 Aug 2019

Do no wrong

You get creators and you get .. creators!

Those are two different breeds, believe me. 

The one breed creates and the other breed can do no wrong...

Concept furniture is one of those brands

that keeps surprising and they just can´t do wrong.

For a few more days you can grab this at Kustom9 

and afterwards at the Concept mainstore.

items above: 

Concept} 01. El Charco. Pool. ULTRARARE
Concept} 02. El Charco. Canopy
Concept} 03. El Charco. SunBed A. RARE
Concept} 06. El Charco. Couch B. PG
Concept} 07. El Charco. Couch C. P
Concept} 09. El Charco. Rope Tray
Concept} 10. El Charco. Glass Lamp C
Concept} 11. El Charco. Glass Lamp A
Concept} 13. El Charco. Table G 
Concept} 14. El Charco. Table S

"El Chraco" set @ Kustom9

Concept mainstore

29 Jul 2019

Under my skin lies the world of you ...

Foxy - Coffee Mug

Addams: Caroline Flare Transparent Shirt 

Exile hair: Megan

RAONHAUSEN - Deluxe body applier [Legacy] !

RAONHAUSEN - Tyra genus applier @ eBento 

[Aleutia] Lily Romper (Freya) Celebrate

Concept SAL house (rare) 

Concept SAL umbrella 

Concept SAL decors 

Blessed are the believers and their hearts filled with truth

Rkkn "Amelia" outfit (gacha) @ Epiphany

Avenge "Freya" skin @ eBento 

Exile "Becca" hair 

26 Jul 2019

When Lily met Kayo....

Aleutia "Lily" romper @ C88

Kunglers "Tabata" earrings @ Cosmopolitan

Sessions skin "Kayo" @ eBento event 
(shown on Lelutka "May" head)