20 Nov 2015

lately lately

I ve been losing sleep
dreaming about the things that we could be ..

hair: Boon
pants: Eyelure @ collabor88
tank top: Addams

Happy weekend :)

2 Nov 2015

Halloween might be over...

.. but the killing isn`t...

hair: Boudoir
dress: Sweet Kajira
skin applier for Lelutka meshheads: Glam Affair @ Collabor88
knife: BUC

... keep killing as long as you still can ... 

Hills ;P

27 Oct 2015


 You guys know about my mesh problem, don t you... yeah. I am pretty open with that ;P
And I thought I was the only one who had that problem. I was wrong!
I was talking to a friend of mine and you know how it is - you get to talk about shopping...
I know - terrible...

Anyway I told him about all my mesh heads and how crazy this all is because we all buy these heads
and look alike while we re only seeking to look diffrent! It s a dilema of the meanest kind!
It s worse than capitalism... lol.
"Anyway.." he said, "I understand. But have you heard about Eve?"
 -"Eve?" I asked. He nodded.
"let me give you a link."...

I know what you re thinking! That didn t help!!
I know and you re totally right. But he was only trying to be nice ...
I ll tell you what I think of "nice" next time. 
Or at least as soon as I can - that means: as soon as I get over the shock 
of having Eve around now too...

look 1:

Dela "Hayley" hair @ Uber
Coco gift tuxedo @ Coco Design
Pure poison "Nikko" sneakers @ Uber
Pulse "trap" collar @ The freak show gacha

Maitreya "Cropped" pants @ Maitreya
Addams  "suede Foxy" top @ Addams
Deadwool "Trauermarsch" boots @ Deadwool

Happy shopping ,

20 Oct 2015

meshed up

Meshheads are in a way like a bad curse! To me they are because 
although I own a few I keep looking for new ones and for new appliers.
Not even sure what I m looking for. Which means I haven t found one
that I feel I want to wear every day.

This meshhead I`m wearing today though is special in a way as
I haven t seen it being used much so far. It s not new... I bought it sometime 
in june this year (and that would be concidered old I guess;) but I almost
forgot about it again!

But I came across it again yesterday and now it s on my shoulders and I did play around with it
quite a lot, taking pictures and styling it, getting hair for it and stuff...
and I like it. The bad news about this meshhead is, that I can t
tell you where to get it, since I purchased it s at some event  and
the creator doesn t have a shop or MP. 

The rest of the items you can see here are brand new and can all be had!
Just not my head ...- sorry ;P 

top & shirt: Ovh
bra: Miss Chelsea
tattoo: Bolson
shoes: n-core @ tres chic event
hair: Besom @ tres chic event
lashes: Redgrave
meshhead: punipe (not available anymore)
septum: Glue Ink
lip ring piercing: Addixion


Keep calm...

..and read a book.

sandals: Fri.day
jeans: Deetalez
sweater: (no idea!)
hair: lamb
necklace: [Glow] studio
glasses: yumyum
location: NorderNey

have lovely week:)

9 Oct 2015

happy friday post

Friday has always been my favorite day.
It s the last day of the working week
and beginnig of the weekend. There is the 50 L friday - which is also nice!
Oh and I was born on a friday too. And this friday is also the first day of my vacation.
So happy is this post and happy... should also be my facial expression... hmmmm
Well... I ll practice until next friday then ;P

 sneakers: KC Couture
denim vest :Addams
hair: Ison
Jeans: Bueno
glasses: KC Couture
tattoo: Bolson

Hills :)

Autumn colours

I had a bit of relaxing time in the lovely Crestwick Island sim, build by
Isa Messioptra and her partner Ciph. Autumn has finally arrived
in the sim as well and it s nice to just sit there a while
and enjoy the vibrant colours of nature.

"Phoenix" sneakers: KC
jeans: Addams
shirt: OVH
hair: Ison
tattoo: Letis Tattoo
location: Crestwick Island

enjoy the colours,

6 Oct 2015

when that happens...

Sometimes you just need to go out 
for some fun with a real nice guy :)

Jeans  shirt: Addams
Sandals: Fri.day
hair: Bold & Beauty
tats: Bolson

Hills :)