30 Aug 2015

the Lion the skin and the Omega applier ...

The Omega applier system is quite cool. 
I tried the "Imogen" Omega applier by Essences Skins 
on the meshhead "Alex" by Logo and I am very happy I did.
It s such a cute face.

Essences Skins applier "Imogen" (for "Alex" meshhead by Logo)
Lelutka "Sheena" hair
Wayne "Chloe" dress
Letis "Karak" tattoo for Belleza


27 Aug 2015

I ll remember you

I'll remember you
When I've forgotten all the rest
You to me were true
You to me were the best
When there is no more
You cut to the core
Quicker than anyone I knew
When I'm all alone
In the great unknown
I'll remember you.

Buckle skirt/ Scrub @ TDF
Pure black heels / E-Clipse
pose: Del May
lyrics: Bob Dylan

24 Aug 2015

Events events events...

Lots of news from Fri.day!
Unfortunately the weekend is over and you will probably not have a lot of time 
to spend at events and happenings.
The bad news is that you should!
But the good news is: you have me to get you right where you need to be :)
Yes! It s true! I am your magic fairy.
You re going to be in love with my by the end of this post.
They all are... ;p

 OK, I m only joking.

Narcissa heels
But the part with the fairy is actually true.

And that middle part -- about the good news -- it s also no joke.

Didi wedges
Freya dress
Charly wedges

event stuff:
1. Narcissa heels @ festival of sin
2.+ 3. Charly Wedges @ N21´
6. Didi Wedges @ Kustom9

other stuff:
1. Ariane ruffle top: Zibska
1. highwaist skirt: Tee*fly
3. Joey shirt: Cynful
3. worn out jeans: Addams
5. Freya dress: Tee*fy
1. Vera hair: Bold & Beauty

Have fun with the magic ;)

23 Aug 2015

hide & seek

I remember when I was a little girl I loved to play hide  & seek. I preferred the hiding part.
It was so much fun to see the others walk by without detecting me,  
 jumping out and pulling faces to make them chase me around the block. 
Sometimes I still do this today - only diffrently and in a more grown-up way lol.
I know there hardly is a grown-up way to play hide & seek really.
I still do it. At the Men only event for instance. 
I jump in, grab something manly
and run off to see who ll come after me;)

They usually don t...;p

Grafica Poses has released two new sets of 10 poses and mirrow poses
called passeggiata and sedersi for this month`s round.

dress. Jersey draw cord. Rama
hair. burgandy. LoQ`ue @ shiny shabby
chair. erotic reading chair. Dutchie

22 Aug 2015

you can t always get what you want...

I love my new make-over. If you have been looking at my blog occasionally
you will have noticed that I keep changing my appearance frequently.
The thing is I get bored with my looks easily and it is so exciting to be able 
to change ones looks. Sl makes this an easy thing to do. Flickr makes it a fun thing
to share with your friends and followers. 

To me the Flickr community is like a social communication platform
similar to facebook. Just without the negative aspects of negativity and random posts
that nobody really is interested in reading. --- like advertising posts or silly pictures with
quotes and humiliating videos of people who get caught in action without knowing that they re 
being filmed or things like that.

At Flickr you show your face as well. Your second face.
You keep control of your posts. In addition to this you get nice and 
kind comments on your work, you get encouragement and support. ..
Today I was wondering:
What would we do without social media. Would we be the same persons that we are?
And one thing I wonder as well:
I am a skybox hermit- how come I enjoy this kind of communication but
otherwise more or less keep to myself?

What is it that social media platforms offer to us that we need without realizing it?
The thought that an internet site knows what I need and like before I know it myself
can be uncomfortable. Geez!

Anyhow - Shiny and shabby knows what we will buy before we know it as well...
Those events... I hate ´em! 
(not really of course ;)

Pants and top: E-design @ Shiny & Shabby
hair: Bold & Beauty

have a lovely weekend, girls !


21 Aug 2015

Sun-dried tomatoes

Imogen skin /Essences Skins
Dante tattoo / Bolson
NM sun-dried lipstick / Skye 
Ginta hair/ Bold & Beauty
eyelashes nr.2 / Arise


15 Aug 2015

Mesh Avenue

Mesh Avenue is a new fashion event that strives to get the best designers in SL together 
to bring u the most quality and fashionable clothing and decorations.
It is still a small event and not very well known like Kustom9 and Collabor88
but the sim has a lovely and relaxed atmosphere.
I came across this new sim by accident while I was
cruising Connie Aridas Flick, a wonderful SL-Photographer.
And since I ve had a bit of a make-over I decided to get a new dress to complete my new look. 
Bedelia by Dead Dollz. Isn t it cute??

"Mariri" earrings by Kunglers Couture
"Joanie" heels by Fri.day
"Hillary" hair by Elikatira
"Bedelia" dress by Dead Dolls @ Mesh Avenue (pic 2+3)
"Green grocers" pavillion by 8f8

Hills :)

13 Aug 2015

If I were a dancer ..

The Aisling Wraps from Fri.day can be grabbed 
at the new Collabor88 round.

"Aisling" Wraps: Fri.day @ collabor88
"Freya dress : Tee*fly
"Hilary" hair: Elikatira
"Lorraine" bed: Erratic @ marketplace
"Rwah Rustic Barn" building: Scarlet Creative

have fun gals,