21 Mar 2011

Green Hills

Some people like the colour green. Well, not just "like" . . . but even adore. So do I - like one possessed! haha. When I was a child I wore green as if other colours didn t exist. Shoes... pants...even my budgie was green. Wait a tick...does that say something about me I shouldn t actually reveal? ;) 
Who knows... anyway: go see this sim!! You will not only find yourself in a green paradise to relax and reload your batteries (in order to face this our crazy "second world"), but you ll also get the chance to see the awesome creations of Soror Nishi, a "brilliant designer" of trees and plants. She calls herself brilliant - and she is more than right to do so. Even more so as she doesn t have an inworld shop anymore and if you want to attract any customers you probably need to shout a little louder than others. Hehe. 
Mind you I do know this particular other (man) who calls himself a genius builder, but he s  forgiven for that, since he isn t in this for the money! ... 
Okies, guys and dolls - enough said - go see the sim, you can even shop for some awesome green stuff ;))

Love, Hills
ps: dont forget to feed the fish

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