14 Mar 2011

The reason for "Vivre la France" . .

There are many reasons to write about this sim. Or to love la belle France. Mine is maybe diffrent than one would expect. I felt like dedicating this post to a longtime friend of mine whos passion is maybe to become a french citizen without having to give up the german nationality - hehe. If he was playing sl we probably would have sit down on one of the tables and drunken a bottle of wine. He s quite an ingenious and charismatic man although I  never actually met him in person. His mind bursts with ideas and creativity but still he is so very down to earth it hurts - haha. He  appears on my phone/mails/calls when a meaningful  change is about to happen, when something old in my life has to go. He says "how are you" and I know I need to change something. Call it spring cleaning or whatever. The last time I spoke to him was eight or nine years ago... lately we talk again. And we probably will eight years from now. I certainly hope we will. And I await the change. So meanwhile I visit this sim and let my mind wander off. There are good reasons for you to do so as well... 

This is such a cosy and beautiful sim! Some nice shops here as well!  You `ll find "Lamb" and "Mon Tissu", "Clawtooth" and even a nice Cafe! The perfect place to take your girlfriends shopping or your date for a walk down a lonely path into the fields... and I wouldn t be surprized if you saw a little chocolate shop where Juliet Binoche takes a guess, which chocolate type you are. ;)

Love, Hills
ps: don t forget to feed the fish ;)

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