18 Sep 2011

That s cewl, man :))

Ok, I got Juju to show me his latest fashion fave :)) He´s a Dj, such a cutie little bugger, funny as hell and he knows how to "dress to impress"! Most Djs do tbh, that s why the girls are all over them. But in this case 
don t contact me do get his phone-number, girls ;) No  fecking chance, believe meee! Yet you simply have to love this guy. Thank you for dropping by, Juju :))

piano ring: ***BND***
necklace: JCNY

Also very cewl is this wonderful furniture shop Lisp Bazaar! Since summer is more or less coming to its end and I can t wait for the most beautiful season of the year - autumn -  I thought it was about time to redecorate my home. So I came across this beautiful furniture sim :

Next to the nicest designs you can also find a great 10L section :

and once you re finished with this fabulous shop, your home will prolly look like this too:


Hugs, Hills

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