1 Nov 2011

Burried but still alive ..

Some of you may remember Anjuna House Club. It was the most stylish club on the grid, later called White. I always loved the sim and it used to be one of the clubs to go to. But as many clubs do in SL White was closed and poofed.

But if you want to grab some of the old Anjuna-feeling why not take a look at Brit Bury`s designs. 

She keeps up the spirit and does so quite nicely :)

The Pony Boots though need a little adjusting. I ended up using a alpha layer for the feet I had in my inventory as the Pony alpha didn t work for my shape.
(i.e. the boots are available as groupgift at Boudoire)

 dress/ boots/ fishnets: By Bury

hair: Fab-U-lous

Have fun girls - keep dancing!

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