27 Nov 2011

Taking the long walk...

Don t you just love orange...
and shoes....
Sometimes you just need to get what you see ;)

The same goes for this skin by The Body Company.  
This one has a very nice natural look and you do get a few make-up options but there is potential to do more I think. I do admit going through the store reminded me of my early sl days when all was new and had to be put together like a puzzle. Like : "How to do a purchase?" I finally found this extra sign leading me to cuuuute tiny sweet bottles I could click to feel like a clever customer! YaaaY: success!!
Whats also something you have to get used to is the fact that make-ups are not being included in the skin package but sold separately for a certain amount of lindenssssss. So after that additional purchase you find yourself looking for the right make-up out of a huge list with diffrent skintone-options plus the  hair/ no-hair-options. There must  be some other reason than practical convenience why they went for this concept. Maybe one day I ll find the time to go and ask them ;)  But for now I m quite busy walking around in these gorgous new heels by N-Core :))

skin: the body co
shoes: N-Core

hair: Detour

Cheers, Hills :)


  1. Your blog is definitely Fabulous! So glad to discover it!!!
    Atteris Amarth

  2. Thank you Atteris for your kind words :))