19 Dec 2011

Back to the big League

Second live has changed so much during the past year. We have mesh clothes now and furniture, the tattoo-layers for make-up options, hairbases and cleaverage enhancers. Textures look so real as if they were taken out of our first lives and just put into second life. Everything is glowing and shiny. Fashion and design rules the grid. And all that has become so highly professional. But mesh is not at all a "must have" . Apart from the fact, that I am using three diffrent viewers atm  (depending on what I need to do inworld) I m not sure if it is necessary to follow every trend. Somehow I like to see the SL performance improve but in the end it becomes too perfect and I ask myself: "is this the way I want my Sl to look like?" 
Is SL still a community build and created by its residences? What I see when I log in is a highly professional build world created by full-time designers who set a standart as to what we like to click and purchase.

Anyway.... I m being far too serious. lol. What I was actually going to say is that I love coming back to my favorite designers, meshed or not and find that quality is not a question of using the lastest rl-software or being a professional sl-designer. That is one reason why I like shops like Snowpaws, Tres-Blah or Gato. You get some honest handmade textures ;)

 In my early sl days I wore League a lot. the "Taylor" skin is still one of the best skins available on the grid. League skins have always been of the highest quality and set the standards just as high as Curio, Redgrave, Glance or Glam Affair. The new League release of "Sia" doesn t really take it much further but the store is always worth visiting.
For the new release of "Sia" visit the mainstore at League.

All the clothes you see here can only be found at the "Four Corner" event form the 17th - 31st of december. So be sure to take the cap:

Four Corner event

The skin is a special collection of three tones for this event by Glam Affair and I think it rocks! It fits my shape without any editing. I love that :)) The "Linn" skin itself can be found at the Glam-mainstore and is absolutely fabulous.

glasses: YumYum
fishnet gloves: Xplosion
poses: Fri.day
The hair? Well  I m not telling you. It s a secret I only share with Mrs Rodenberger. Go ask her if you must ;)

yours, Hills

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