15 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas !

Gizza says "Merry Christmas". And how nice! They give this fabulous dress as a groupgift. The dress is really a happening. Let alone the feathers that sway so softly around the shoulders, the skirt!!!   
The next happening is trying to walk in it. Don t you expect to be able to! Standing on one spot seemed to be the better idea in the end. Having baby say: "Wow" is also a happening :)) Trying to talk him into wearing the dress as well was fun.
And trying to hang myself on the christmas tree in it was a major happening! 
But then comes the moment when you realize this dress has it s limits! lol

So I enjoyed the sight and made some pics :)

"You would look good in it as well!" 

dress: Gizza

Love, Hills

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