23 Jan 2012

Amelia`s Peace

Amelia dropped by and brought her two sisters along... hahaha - Ok not quite.. but she did bring Amelia shirt by the awesome AvaGardner of Kunglers Couture along! It is one of the new releases in the casual wear unit. Since Hillany blouse finally got retired from the shop to make room for new awesome releases I thought Id take the opportunity to wear it at least once on my blog - the only blouse named after me ever - Ooohmygahhhd!! 
 Kisses and thank youuu, Ava, for your kindness :))

on Amelia: Amelia shirt by Kunglers Couture
hair: Truth
skin: Unique

on me: Hillany blouse by Kunglers
hair: lelutka
skin: Mar

poses: fri.day and Del Mar

Huggies, Hills

1 comment:

  1. always welcome my dear ;) muacksssssssss!!! and thank you ;D