6 Jan 2012

Filthy Paola

I ve come to love Filthy skins. It s one of those cases were a beautiful face comes with an amazingly detailed, natural looking and light-reflecting body. That s perfect! But you have to take your time picking the right one. I remember going to Dutch Touch skins for the first time. The range and variety was impressive but made me give up after trying on the first ten skins with different skintones! Surely a mistake ;) But I m glad that did not happen at Filthy skins. I m totally happy with Paola and the six classic make-ups that come with each skin-pack :)

skin: Filthy
hair: Lelutka

Believe it or not but ages ago I used to create clothes myself. I dont think I sold enough to pay my tier. LoL.  But I wanted to show at least one or two of my dresses.Please be gentle  when doing a review on them. hahaha

hair: Truth
dresses: HLC
poses: fri.day

Hugs, Hills

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