15 Jan 2012

Just so you can see.... ;)

The other day...

Sibby: I got new hair!! Maybe  post it:))
 Hillany:  What s that.
 Sibby: It s Lelutka. Biel hair.
 Hillany: Oh O I have posted Biel only recently.
Sibby : In blonde??
Hillany : Nuuu brown.  Since I m a brunette and all.
Sibby : I got it in blonde. Also got hair from Milana. Did you know they have fabulous demos? You only wear one hairdemo and get a coIour hud for every hairtone!? Mine turned out red. You never post red hair. Post this one :))

She has a point there. And she looks awesome with red hair. A great match with the lovely dress by Lelutka and it also matches the awesome Lael skintone 4 from Chain and Vine. This cute small label that´s worth a visit!
I m wearing the Cathrine blouse by Kunglers and a cute skirt by Vive9. This skirt was a groupgift so if it s not available in the notices anymore. But I thought at least it s a great skirt and it goes well with the white blouse. But you can wear any other highskirt to get the look :)

left side: Angela 
right side: Addison 
 by Lelutka

Kisses,  Hills

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