5 Jan 2012

La Punani ;)

Ok friends is what counts in life, right? And those two girls I may call good friends are prolly the best friends one can have in this crazy second world. Thats Chilli and Amelia. When Ame said to me "Hey your blog !- you ve become quite a fashionista!" I thought "Wow really...?" Wearing nice clothes is fun, yes. But I still  know how to have a really good time and be myself: going out on a girls`s night and having loads of good laughs!
So after some time now we found the time for a night out in town which was great great fun. My highscore of the day was loads of new ice cream scons in my inventory and a 900L worth piano that a talented builder gave me for the price of 1L ..  ! YaY ! Thank you for that one . :))  But the most challenging bit was taking off my scripted shoes so we would finally get that sim-crossing done in that taxi with this funny guy.. what was his name again.... lol. 
I ended up wearing some silly freebie Kimono at Loin D`ici til our feet would kill us.
The better choice of outfit was made by Amelia of course! And she really is La Grande Dame of clubbing,  the mother of club parties :) Btw your dances may not be up to date, Ame, but they re the most fun  ;)
Love you heaps !

Beautiful Amelia is wearing a cute stylish jacket by League, hair by Maitreya, pants by Sleedy Eddie, shoes by Maai. Her skin is by Unique


Taxi ! lol

Love, Hills

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