14 Feb 2012

A code for Beauty

 Sometimes is so funny when you talk to people inworld. It s not the first time I start to communicate with somebody and then at some point think: ok my english is not so bad since the other person seems to be understanding what I m saying :) YaaY! That s not the funny part yet... it becomes funny when I find out the  person I m talking to is thinking more or less the same ! Hehe. So I sneaked into this skinshop the other day and had a nice chat in english with two nice ladies til we all realized we re in fact .... german. At the end they asked me: "Why do we always make it so complecated for ourselves?" I said: " I guess because it s funny!" haha

And as the girls turned out to be Mrs  - or should I say Frau Mills and Frau Miles  (LoL) - the owners of  Beautycode I was very happy to get the opportunity to blog them here. I love realistic skins so I d like to show you guys Keisha which is the new release at Beautycode. It  comes in two skintones and ten makeup options! A few of them you see below. So grab the cap girls :)

Keisha - fawn


Hugs, Hills

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