21 Feb 2012

The Designer Circle

Some skins you put on and they simply fit. ... omg... now that makes me think of  Silence of the lambs with Jodie Foster.. LoL.. 
 better get back to Sophia by Beautycode because this lovely skin is available at the  Designer Circle  from 20. February to 03. March. There you also find designs by Ibizzare or Mayden Couture and many others who offer their stuff for discount prizes. I like these compilations of designers gathered in one place as it gives you new inspiration in case you re a passionate discoverer like me :)) And I often find it very rewarding to be open to new or smaller designers. I mean everybody knows the big brands, right? But is it your thang too? You decide - that is part of the fun !

What I love about this skin is the awesome smokey make-up and the beautiful shape of the lips. If those lips wont tempt him to kiss you then what will..?! haha. Tell me your other recepies, Ladies - surely I m game ! :)

Hugs n kisses, Hills :)

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