23 Feb 2012

Il meglio di MichaMi

Ok MichaMi... is there enough room in one post?...  
The caption I chose isn t really good... it just came to mind as today I was discussing with Dak (he is italian actually) who s the better Formular1 driver -  Hamilton, Alonso... or Vettel maybe?... Needless to say I have no say  in it as I am a woman...!!?
We didn t find a final answer so let s just say  that women are the better drivers... hehehe. More careful and sensible and all that. I m saying this while  I m renewing my lipstick glimpsing into the rearview mirror ...hihi omg even multitasking here... ;)

Anyway ...dresses by MichaMi are a girls best friend!  Sweet Milla Michinaga creates a lot of those besties in  smashing and awesome colours that you all want to have .. because you need them desperately. They re  irresistable and I simply wallowed in those beautiful colours while taking the pictures for this post.

dresses by MichaMi
skin by Not Buttons
hair by Lelutka
shoes by Coco

The Print Dress is so beautiful and has been all over the blogs already but I dont care! haha
My mum once told me that as a little girl I used to change clothes three times a day when mum wasn t looking or I went to bed with my new shoes because I loved them so much. Mum and Dad couldn t talk any sense into me and had to wait until I had fallen asleep in order to take them off!
I think the same is going to happen with this dress :))

Hugs n kissesss :)

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