14 Feb 2012

Love and landmarks

Happy Valentine`s Day :)
I  guess you re supposed to tell that special someone in your life what they mean to you today. So hurry up - who knows who you ll be saying it to next year ;)
Jeee.....! ..  gaahhhd ...bad joke - wasn t it?  lol
 Only two days ago I was talking to Thom, a friend,  about love and relationships in sl. It s a major part of sl  for most of my friends as it is for me. About one year ago I opened Hills Gallery inworld. It s the product of many dialogs I had with people about that very topic. If you have the time to visit it I would love to hear what you think of it :) who knows.. I might write a book in the end. hehe

But meanwhile grab the taxi below for a lovely Valentine`s jewlery set at the Designer Circle. If you  re familiar with the concept of the Dressing Room you will see that the Designer Circle follows this idea as well and maybe it will become one more precious landmark in your addictive inventory.

 earrings and necklace at the Designer Circle
hair is by lamb
poses by Oracul

Hugs, Hills

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