10 Feb 2012

No buttons required

I wish I could make my favorite skin-creators merge the perfect skin out of several components as I always see the flaws in things... I know!.. its terrible! (I owe it to my virgo ascendant  lol).
Anyway I d take the best of  Mar, Curio,  Filthy and deffo the legs from this new skin I m wearing today: Alanya by Not Buttons. Not Buttons skins usually dont work for me but as I dont give up too easily I jumped into a demo the other day and was quite surprised to find myself looking rather smexy :) I havent taken off the skin since, neither have I taken off Camila by Ricielli  with this very iridecent texture.

Hair is a diffrent story of course. I need lots of those in diffrent styles please.The ones you see are Denise by Truth and Tiramisu by LoQ
lingerie by Fishy Strawberry

So happy shopping Ladies!... and guys - I know you re staring at my legs.  ;)

Kisses, Hills

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