3 Feb 2012

Toxic dresses and some groovy Music Couture

Toxic is fun and so colourful! You can t go wrong shopping there when you re looking for something clubby to wear.
The shoes are a free gift, ain ´t that sweet? 

skin by PXL Creations

 A few weeks ago I did have the pleasure of hosting one of Aaron Canuccis sets in the very relaxed and cosy club Chez Roz. Aaron Canucci is an italian DJ and the sweetest person and now he has opened his very own house music club  WTF Music Couture.
I was just getting dressed with this cutie GoGo girl dress when Aaron send me the tp to his new club and Wooohhhooo that is some fun club! It s the right place if you want to spend some groovy relaxed hours with sweet and uncomplecated, nice people :)

WTF - Music Couture Club

Since we re talking italian here, I need to show you my Barletta Stilettos by Similar Footwear. The most sexy and kinky shoes on the grid. Mind you thats only my humble opinion ;)
Go visit the store:

"Tell me
What is life?
A life without colours
Can you see them?
Have the years made us blind?"

Hugs, Hills

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