11 Mar 2012

New releases and old treasures

Hello second world, I m happy to be back after a tiny break I took from posting. Maybe it was because of rl maybe it was because I didnt see anything worth blogging, idk. But I know I m excited to show you "Andy", the new release by Maai. The dress comes in a nice range of colours such as violet, offwhite, purple, yellow etc etc.. Me for my part I believe the "petit noir", the "little black dress" is always the best choice. Besides the classic colours black and red I feel most comfortable wearing white. 

Of course, most of all a woman should feel comfy in her own skin. The skin I m wearing now and which I dont intend to take off again (atm -lol) is Giorgia by "ys & ys". 

New release Andy by Maai

thinking white... I thought of my favourite shirt, digged deep in my inventory trying to recall the name of it... ... "What was the NAAAAME!?"... grrrr. Finally I remembered all those stylingcards I used to make way back for myself  in order to get my inventory organized. 

Another lovely brand is Whippet & Buck :
For some time now I have this top in my inventory and keep coming back to it as it always seems to be the right choice, no matter what s the occasion. The skirt comes from Needful Things, a store packed with wonderful props and things you really need ;) so go and get them ...

Go check the store, it s so cute! I m sure you will fall in love with one thing or the other ;)

dresses: Whippet & Buck
cardigan: Coco
skin: Ys &Ys"

 (storytelling) aunty Hills :))

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