22 Mar 2012

Nude but dressed

Once more I m wearing Samantha, the amazing new skin by Hush. I love the natural and nude looks on skins, they re my favourite option to pick.
I m sorry guys if you re looking for asseccories you re not going to be lucky reading my blog. I appologise, really, I know I could do more of those. ...especially while looking at the arm in the picture below. hahaha. But honestly.. I dont think I will. Once I wear a dress like this cocktail dress by Coldlogic I already feel completely dressed. Finishing the outfit with a new hairdo and off I go... I didn t do my nails, I forgot to comb my hair... yet I feel fabulous ;)

One more new release that needs to be mentioned is Sofia by Ys&Ys. Monicuzza Babenco creates the most beautiful and unique faces. You can tell a Ys&Ys skin at a first glance. Once you ve discovered her skins you will not let go of this beauty which is out of this world.

skin: Samantha by Hush
hair by Lamb
Sofia skin by Ys&Ys
dress by Coldlogic

skin Sofia by Ys&Ys
hair by Vive9

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