29 Mar 2012

Smeshy rawrs

"Ooh..." I thought when meeting up with Len .. "his shirt will go so well with the background colour of my blogsite!!" So I said: "Hello sexy, did you go shopping?" - "Yea!" he replied and I could see he was flattered. They all are once they re being born in the sign of Leo ..  haha. Just kidding  ;) My mind wondered off as I thought of all the lovely people in my life born in leo... there was my grandma: I dont really remember her as she passed away when I was two years old but only last week my older cousin said while looking at me: "You become more and more like your grandma you know. She was a sunshine of a human being." Too bad I only know her of pictures. Another leo is my brother, mind you we never really got along as kids. He was sooo mean to me always.  I used to hit him with my teddy bear. .. 
Now my daughter.... happens to be a Leo - what a surprise, ey? She is my pride... Let me see.. there is Chilli of course, my bestie in SL, the woman I even got married to! Leo. I love her to bits. 
Yeah and Dak is leo. ..Oh my.... and Len, my longtime friend, the man with the perfect shirt who happens to stumble into my blogpost with his sexy style. Thank you for sharing, my dear :)) muuaah !

glasses Ultras fahsion & Style Swag

Jeans by Kal Rau

shirt by Aitui 

hair by Shag 

Anyone else? Just lemme know, I ll keep you guys stored in boxes ;)

Kisses, Hills

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  1. Love you Hills & miss you heaps.
    Love Chilli. Xxxx....

    Hi Len huggies.Xx