25 Apr 2012

Sophias beautiful adventures

Some say you only have one life to live.
But some people actually have two lives. Mind you some even manage to have even more and end up saying: "I ve seen and done it all!"  
When I read this in profiles I always ask myself: why still be here? When will they say their SL has been worth the experience?
How do you know it`s worth the while...
Spending all your free time in SL to climp your personal Olymp by owning a business or be a famous performer or model may be worth it.
Having a full SL because your RL has been so dissapointing may be....
Owning a number of sims so residents can play their games on them may make you feel generous and needed.
Role-playing might make you feel loved and wanted. There are as many answeres to that question as there are lives being lived.
But this post is not really a masterpiece, is it ;). It doesn t actually make sense.
Maybe it would if Sophia was called Alice. Then I could write about Alice in wonderland who drinks all kinds of potions and has the time of her life growing and shrinking, discovering secrets and standing up against the heartless Queen. What a story! In the end she wakes up and realises it was all a dream. One that felt quite real.
So...there I am... Hills being wrapped up in Sophias beautiful skin wondering about Alice`s adventure.
wait.... (before you try Sophias demos ;) somewhere deep down in my inventory I have these white rabbit-ears. Those are perfect for a good laugh ;) 

Sophia skin by BeautyCode

Lots of  love, Hills ;)

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