13 Apr 2012

Back in the big League with Jen

Two new skin releases caught my eye these days. I know there are ppl who go into therapy with problems like these.. I think it s called skin-addiction... but am I really to blame for wearing something beautiful as this?

I was in love with the previous release Taylor, now the new skin by League is called Jen. You get three cleavage optinons, a fatpack special of  8 lipstick-layers and brown and blonde hairbases and eyebrows. 
Jen is simply awesome and I didnt even have to edit my shape.

The new skin release by Hush is callled Fay and comes in 6 skintones, though I m showing only 4. You also get 3 eyebrow shades, 2 cleavages and you get a modifyable shape. What I like about Hush is the enormous number of skintones you can choose from and a teeth/no-teeth option for each make-up. The bodydetails are great and remind me of Curio. Grab a cap above for your demos.

Huggies, Hills

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