6 Jun 2012

Happy birthday, Chic :)

I m in heaven! Many wonderful creators like Kunglers Couture, Vanguard Fashion, Akeruka, Gok, Gizza or Paper Doll (and so many more) have gathered in one place to celebrate the CHIC Management's 2nd Birthday! Here you can get hold of wonderful new releases only available here  from the 4th to the 24th of June! Take the opportunity to discover some very special items @ the Chic 2nd birthday venue

I need to say something about cStar Limited Skins. Osumare is one of the skins that I loved instantly when putting on. The quite extravagant make-up is one of the best I have tried on so far and is absolutely convincing. On the pic above though I have been using "emma" lipstick by Tuli on the right - on the left side you can see the original blue lipstick which is masterly done.
cStar Skins offers some skins in limited numbers only so if you visit the store regularly you can be one of only a few lucky girls on the grid who wear a unique skin. I must say the concept has some advantages for both customer and creator. there are however some skinlines which are unlimited that are also worth the money for sure. But please do try demos in any case because  the expense is only worth while if you re into extravagant looks and styles :))
In this post I tried to combine Osumare with a classic style of Ricielli, Kunglers and Vanguard Fashion. You decide if I succeeded ;)

Jumper by Ricielli
skin "Osumare" by cStar Limited Skins

dress by Vanguard Fashion. This label leaves me undecided tbh... The style is awesome, the quality of the textures and the handcraft of the primparts do need improvement I m sorry to say. But hey we all have reason to improve something right? Thats what keeps us going and I hope Vanguard will keep going too as they are something else and they ceratinly show which way they intend to go :)

This unique dress comes in a night and a day version. The dress fits perfectly, I simply adore this design. As always Ava can do nooo wrong :)) I cant do anything else but praise her designs. Marina dress by Kunglers Couture

shoes by Similar Footwear
poses by Del Mar

Have fun shopping :)

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