27 Jun 2012

The name is Martin... - Hills Aston Martin

Ok,  women and cars ... but.... This is not about the sexy legged girlie stretching across the bonnet ! Nuuuu! This is the sexy legged lady looking under the bonnet, thinking... what kind of car is this ...?!
I had to get a man`s expertise...

So finally Mrs Aston Martin slipped into the seat.. yaaay!
This car actually has a few animation features especially made for me it seems. However  would I have known where to get into the car ?! A simple click on the drivers seat and the anim does the rest for you. As you see above I can even fix it in case the engine doesn t start right away ;) The HUD attaches itself as well - was this car made for women ?! I will have to find out more..

 mesh car  HM AM 177 M Green_1.15  by Haru Motors

Well maybe the car was just being nice to me because I was wearing this lovely dress by Kunglers. Who knows.

Anyway.. why do I have reason to be in such a good mood? 
I am past 100 !  Posts that is. YaaaY! 
So thank you everyone who follows my blog regularly and who pushed this site over the 4000 views mark within the past year:) The big five is next.  I still have far to go, much to learn and wiser to get ;)  Always cause for improvement. I m curious of what will be coming my way next. Hope you guys will be there as well :)

Lots of love and kisses !
Hills :)

Hair: likeli
skin: lyrical store

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