2 Jun 2012

Silly girly giggly fun

My man surely has his trouble with me. He often says silly you... lol.
Sometimes I just need to have some fun though.  I mean fun fun, like real fun, kiddie stuff and cute things that make you giggle .... or say.." Nuuuu- really??... omg you didnt..! NO - You did?!? - awww I m proud of ya... I d have done the same, sweety."  Quality girl-time so to speak...
which is human.. at least for the female part of the world.
Going "Oooohhhh"  and  "Awww" and "hihihhi" is absolutely neccessary in order to stay sane ...!
Imagine...  like a men`s night out ...without beer and dirty jokes, no talk about cars and sneezing without tissues... simply a NO-GO! right?.. need I say more....

Ok, so Viv and I were having some fun LoL. Girly fun of course. She lost a few attachments, I m not gonna mention how and when and most certainly not why...

 instead I can tell you where to get the pillowfight pose. It s by Intrigue Co :))

Later on I got a chance to take a look at Amelia`s  collection of  Kitty Cats :) She has every breed and colour available and now I also own a few kitties myself  :)) YaaaY !! Although I know the poor animals are not going to be terribly happy about that fact because I am so not good at petting others.... really sorry. Too bad they cant speak.... - german or whatever language. I m going to have trouble to sort out what and when to feed them... gosh! Thank god I got the automatic feeder and just have to throw the food and milk inside. The feeder knows how to handle the rest :) YaaY!
Oh please, don t get the wrong impression... I do care for them! I love them, I pet them, I pamper them and most certainly spoil them. I m sure they ll soon break my heart when going their own ways once they re grown up and independant....

meanwhile one can just enjoy the cuddles :) I m sure I will !

This beautiful creature here, my sis Amelia, is wearing the awesome jumper by ColdLogic which is worth checking out at the mainstore. The hair is .. well I ll tell you later because I simply forgot to ask her!!.... but will try keep you informed... just leave your number and message after he peeep and I ll call you back asap ..

Love, Hills

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