16 Aug 2012

Elemiah Design

Again by a lucky incident I stumbled into Collabor88, fell on my nose right in front of Elemiah, a very nice lady who happens to have this shop... this blog... this store on marketplace... this allround talent I will never have but admire in other residents. Besides that she makes her own skins, which was why I looked up from the floor after falling flat on my face asking her if she d mind telling me where I can get that skin. 
So I learned she does ... like everything by herself - I bet even the typing of IMs... geeeez... ;)
I m happy to show you two of the new releases of Elemiah Design - two wonderful dresses that caught my eyes right away. But honestly: if you visit her shop I m sure something else will appeal to you - as there is so much nice stuff you can descover. I recoment trying the lipstick tattoos. Unfortunately Elemiah doesnt sell the skins she makes but the lipstick tattoos are awesome and she sells those - :)) 

 The skin I m wearing here is the new release Isla by League and I got it because it s so terribly beautiful and it reminded me of the previous skin Jen which is one of the best on this grid and then I asked myself: why... 
Why is a terrible word really. One shouldn t ask it too often as it makes you become aware of things... so if you have purchased Jen, you dont really need this new one. But if you get it then at least I m not the only crazy chick in here ;)

hair by Lamb
dresses by Elemiah Design
hat by Cheerno
skin by League

lots of tired winks,
Hills .....(Zzzzzz)

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