12 Aug 2012

Hills Gallery by Cage Yue

I am very happy that Cage accepted to film my inworld Gallery. He s a very busy sl photographer and moviemaker and I concider myself lucky that I got a hold of him :) I also took the chance and threw a few questions his way and learned he is a very creative man! (He s also very interesting but I already knew that! :)  
The Gallery isn t open to the public atm as it is moving sims, but I hope to be able to open it soon. Meanwhile Cage´s movie gives a first insight:

Hills  *coughs* ... 
Cage sits up straight.... combs his pixels
Hills nips on her glass of water 
Cage watches her...
Hills thinks of what to ask!
Cage leans forward and whispers... *keep it clean
Cage then coughs and sits back

Hills : so...for how long have u been a resident of sl?
Cage Yue: nearly 6 years
Hills : when did you start doing movies and where do you get all your inspiration from?
Cage Yue: sometime in the last 5 years. Many places... mostly I listen to music and find something in keeping with the general mood of the shoot. That is how I start usually. Then once I have the sound track, I go and shoot.
The images are something I work on as the filming takes place. one idea leads to another...

Hills : oh yes your profile tells us you re a teacher and musician in rl :)
Cage Yue: yes. I started learning piano when I was 5 years old then switched to percussion when I was 11. joined my first band when I was 14. was out playing rock and roll in pubs, clubs and festivals when I was 16.
Hills: besides that you did also go on tour with the band?
Cage Yue: not touring, I was still in school, so I just played in local events in and around Leeds. Also I took all my exams a year early... someone had the idea I was bright

Hills : but yet you decided to study Art!
Cage Yue: I always was keen on Art. I was one of a group of students who were the first to study Art to A-level standard at the Grammar School I went to. Formerly one only studied Science, Maths or Languages (including Latin) and played Rugby.
We studied Art, played Rock and Roll music and got drunk a lot - lol

Hills : so music is a big influence in your life. How did you get to do movies then?
Cage Yue: I stumbled onto a website owned by a guy called Andrew Kramer... and he does lots of really cool tutorials. I had a copy of Adobe Premier (for video editing) and After Effects (for special effects) - they are like the video versions of Photoshop.
I had started recording my own music... and wanted a video to go with it and made - Into The Rabbit Hole
Hills : so the music you use is partly done by yourself?
Cage Yue: completely done by myself: watch this one

For commissioned work I can either use music that is already out there, or non-copyright music. I can also write music myself especially for the video as I did with a video promoting the Key West Marina here..
The music is all my own though.
Some videos I make just for my own personal fun... like this crazy shoot.

I just got fixated with the effext of dancing in front of luminous lights when there was smoke around ;)  Play it LOUD : )

 Hills : hell I did, I love what you do. Thanks for the interview and taking your time for this project :))) This is so amazing and I aprecciate it very much! :)

Hugs, Hills

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