24 Aug 2012

Looking for something to shoot at the Vintage Fair ..

This is such a cute label! It s new to me and as I managed to struggle through all those shops at the >Vintage Fair I was so surprized by the colourful designs I was looking at. The frilly blouse comes in many colours that match the variety of pants you can choose from. I always like to pick one classy colour I can combine to any other item and one colourful like the turquoise one here. That way I have more possibilities depending on my mood. 
Am I moody?  Wether black or any other colour - I intend to enjoy my newly found fashion high-light Donna by Tutti Frutti :))

Have a great weekend, Ladies :)
 Whatever you do - dont miss the awesome designs at the 
Vintage Fair 

Kisses & hugs !

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