11 Aug 2012

News from Akeruka and Redgrave

Back from a tiny break I took from blogging here. Sl has this effect on you from time to time. One needs to step back every once in a while and look at what one is actually doing lol. and how you want to percede. 
Well I did that now and its time to make this blog come active again :)

So for starters:
I really thought of getting into a glass of champagne to do this lingerie by Redgrave justice. It s a lovely lace bodysuit and is one of the new lingerie releases called Dita
When you look at the Redgrave mainstore you ll find it is one of the wonderful consistant designers that give SL its face. Redgrave skins belong to the best on the grid and their clothes designs were one of the first outstanding releases when I first joined the community. The quality is still up with the best, the next step would be mesh clothes of course for them as well and they already have released mesh shoes. But hey whatever they release, they are this: one of the best.

The new skin by Akeruka is called Meg. It s is like all the Akeruka skins a very detailed skin with a sophisticated appeal. Good
italian stuff so to speak ;)

The shoes are by Maai and come in many nice colours :)

So Ladies, have a great and sunny weekend. Some might even decide to go on vacation today? Whatever you do: climb some mountain or swim into the deep blue ocean: enjoy the silence :)

Hugs, Hills

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