26 Aug 2012

Retro in da house ;)

This retro leather lounge by Dahaus is color change and simply a dream! Only a few months ago we decorated our livingroom in rl and I remember seing this chair in a very ... very exclusive furniture shop. I fell in love with it right away. Unfortunatly it did cost a fortune which was of course a big minus. Also it was lacking the colour-change feature - lol - so I had to wave it good-bye. Thanks to sl and thanks to Dahaus I m now the proud owner of the leather lounge chair ! :)
YAaaAY :))

Eleanor is the name of the newest Kunglers release which I am wearing here in two of the six colours. The hair is by Truth.

Redecorating is what Milla Michinaga did to her store MichaMi only recently and released this awesome new cocktail dress Moa. I m wearing it in wine-red and combined it with the amazing Ravenna shoes by Similar. You can get Moa in green at The Dressing Room. The italian shoe-designs are the most realistic shoes on the grid in my view but I must add that I haven been to Celoe yet! Which is what I plan to do next and soon. But until then Rivanna makes my day and my weekend and I m waving them right in front of ya faces :)) haha The hair here is by Lelutka.
Happy shopping, Ladies !

 Kisses, Hills

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