7 Sep 2012

Egoisme suits me well... Black & white blogger challenge

It s a shame really that this is my entry for the black and white blogger challenge and thus have to abandon colour since Egoisme released this very colourful bodysuit -;) But I do take up the black and white challenge glady as it is huge fun  :)
So from the build to the skin I m wearing - everything is black, grey or white.
The skin is an old groupgift by PXL-skins I found in my inventory, the lace bodysuit is called "Dita" by Redgrave.

This awesome suit from Egoisme actually comes in black as well as in wonderful bright colours.
Included you ll find boots and drawable guns. Short and easy to understand instructions soon will make your security-orb look pretty unnecessary ! lol
Sounds like fun?
then go get your gun !

"Now, how did you get past my security orb...?!"

suit by Egoisme
skin by Pxl skins
hair by lelutka
build by William Weaver

Happy weekend,

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