27 Sep 2012

Have a little Faith :)

If two things come together and fit like hand in glove that is wonderful. If it happens to two people it s almost too good to be true. 
But ... (this word but I have learned to tolerate during the past 2 years;)
in this case it is true as it is two things coming together that are meant to be:
Zibskas earrings Marielle and Herx dress by Pull.

Oh and in this case number three comes in as well: the fabulous skin Faith by PXL skins.  In combination with the two I call this pretty perfect :)
Also available is the Open Mouth Pro by PXL which is basically  4 diffrent alpha textures you wear over your mouth and an invisible prim together with a hud. If you need to have another hud in your life that is ...
But it can look nice on pictures as you see.

Hugs, Hills :)


  1. Hi Anessa, thank you so much for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. Glad you like the post :)