14 Oct 2012

Being a vamp )) .. or when some think you re dead...

Sometimes ppl chat me up and offer to help me get my soul out of my limbo existance... lol.
Then I think for a moment and say to myself: Look, some get a tattoo when young and wild, trying to be diffrent and revolting against the establishment (or at least what they take for the establishment) and some get bitten by a vampire.. so what? live with it!
and besides: isn`t there a dance called limbo? ;))

skin: Akeruka
hair: Vanity hair
coat: Donna Flora
nails and ring: Candy Nails (#00069)

hair: Burley
fangs: dunno ;)
skin: Akeruka

...and now to scare the hell out of you: this is the painful way the undead have to endure their afk time:

peace & little bites, Hills 

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