28 Oct 2012

News @ Molichino

Aussie aussie aussieeeee !!
sorry for that outburst... ;)

Molichino was one of the early brands who got into mesh clothing. And the name is always a guarantie for quality clothing. I remember walking into the store for the first time. It was a cute little store, looked kinda selfbuild. I remember checking on the creator hahaha before looking at the designs. I know I know I m weird.. lol. But maybe thats because when I first came to sl I started building before I even bothered talking to ppl in here lol. 
Ok ok - back to the topic ..
The Griffy pants come in ... omg 13 colours!  13 -  I hope that s a good sign! The same goes for the Iris jumper and I love the textures to death. 

 Get your cab to Molichino
shoes by N-Core
hair by lamb
glasses by YumYum


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