30 Oct 2012

Pxl Creations - body enhancements

Flawless beauty is what we want, isnt it.. hehe I can hear you say "Noooo not me! I know my flaws and I am happy with myself the way I am. I am proud of my individualty, I am unique!"
of course you are. 
And you re right to say this.
We meet imperfections in our RLs and like to have them in Sl too. in the world of fashion it is even considered chic to have edges. Take a look at supermodels: Kate, Milla, Cindy, Gisele, Tyra and so on. What makes them a supermodel and not simply one of those models that are around? Beauty and uniqueness.
And also one or two beautymarks! Of course!
pxl creations knows this and thats why they make them available to you now ;)
hehehe, Cindy has one and now Hills has one too. lol

dont look too closely - I am not perfect! ;)

Happy shopping :))

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