20 Oct 2012

PXL sale ! Get your share of faith ;)

I have been in the PXL vip group for years now. I think the first skin I bought was Candy and it seemed flawless and terribly beautiful to me at that time. I remember one time I TPed my baby in and he just went "WOW"  and I thought: "Must have been a good decision, ey? " haha. But anyway...
I have some nice news here! 
Starting this saturday SLT and lasting for one week Hart Larsson has put the fabulous new Faith skin and all the make ups on sale for PXL VIP members at a 25% discount. 

As you must be a PXL VIP member you need to join the group.
In the store you ll find the tp to VIP room where you get the discount.
It s not secret that I wear Faith atm as I just love it. A few weeks back I took part in the PXL contest, which was the first contest PXL creations did and also the first one I have ever taken part in. 
So that was major fun as I didnt know what to expect and what was expected of me hahaha. I remember standing on that bridge talking to Brody, a good friend of mine and we were thinking.... faith.... hmmm .... we need an idea. I kept hearing that annoying sound from underneath the bridge and said:" Do I hear a frog?"  Brody said: "I thought it was you...!"
So eventually came up with this: 

But obviously I did quite well - even with that frog in the picture :)) I am very honoured  and very happy to get the opportunity to blog for PXl now. 

hair: Burley
vest: Fri.day

So have a lovely week ladies and grab that cab to the PXL store :)

Hills :)

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