1 Oct 2012


We re proud proud proud to give you the third incredible and unbelieveably awesomely fabulous third issue of 

Great Interviews this with DJs and other peeps related to the SL music scene.
This time Victoria had the fabulous pleasure of interviewing the exeptionally handsome and hawt Viktor Galli and Vaughan Quan in one package!!
 I am SO envious she didnt take me with her. At least I had the pleasure of nailing them both on this cover - LoL- The interview is so much fun to read.

But I did have the pleasure of meeting and shooting two gentlemen, Desderac Laval and Ravensi Reve in my fashion feature wearing clothes by Egoisme. 
Also in this issue is our guest photographer Annan Adored with her fabulous artistic pictures. For more of her art visit her flickr stream - its well worth checking out! 
For the first time we do have this fashion contest you should read about too! 
I was told I m part of the jury soooo I m excited about that!!  :) 
[wow, peeps are going to be nice to me now- lol]
Sooooo just make sure to flip through the pages and read about some inside facts of SL house music scene and much much more:

I want to say a special thank you to my wonderful longtime friend Thom Farspire for sitting in as my model for the Hoorenbeek fashion feature! It was so much fun and inspiring to have him and I m kinda proud of the result! He´s so damn sexy in that suit!Thankies, dear :)

For more of Thom you gotta buy the MAG! 
Oh gosh NUUUU... unbelievably enough the MAG for free!
Geeez... go get yaselves a copy :))

Hugs and wild wiggles, Hills

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