22 Nov 2012

My kingdom for a cook!

 I love food. I like men who can cook, don t you? I love Italian food the most. as well as Asian food of course...Thai... hmmmm... 
Spicy food from India is to die for.... 
As a child my family used to spend their holidays in former Yugoslavia - the things I remember the most from that time is the food I ate. 
Did you know that the part of the brain that identifies smells is located in the most archaic parts of the brain? Therefore your brain manages to remember smells the best. Certain smells can bring back memories that you had long forgotten about for years. 
A smell can bring back associations and moods, images from your childhood...
I got this kitchen the other day as I wanted to complete my London apartment finally. Kitchens... geeez I m not an expert on cooking - only on eating but the choice was made easy for me as this kitchen was build by a friend of mine - Titos Xue - so I just had to decide on the colour really :)

The kitchen comes with some nice features: texture change menu,equipped with high quality sculpts,mesh utensils and animations. The kitchen itself is not mesh though, but it doesnt have to be at all when it is done as well as this one. 
It can be found on marketplace only up to this point but if you feel like taking a look at the real thing, just hit me up inworld. I might feel like making a coffee and showing you around ;)..
It helps if you can cook though;)

As it is obvious that here I only did the chopping and stuff and my good friend and honourable englishman Cage did the cooking - lol. Thank you for that :))
I m such a lucky girl it seems. 
One man builds it, the other comes over to cook in it :) Yaaay! I only put my feet up and enjoy a nice cup of tea :). What would the world be without men ? 

Agora prefabs and furniture @ marketplace

Hugs, Hills

p.s.: special thanks to Vaughan Quan for rewording the india part ;)  haha

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