1 Nov 2012

one, two, three, look at me ;)

One is a lonely number, two makes a pair
and three makes a good post.
Lakisha skin by Beautycode has been released about a month ago and this alone tells you how far behind I am with posting! lol
Aahhh that was a joooke!! Life has its ways to keep you from doing things !:) - .. I was busy... But I promise to be less busy in the future.
Well anyway: Lakisha skin. What I like about brands like Beautycode is that they are out there and do their thing dispite of all the big brands who rule the business. This is what makes SL the wonderful inspiring place in my view!
Big brands do a great job and Beautycode does a great job.
Lakisha is awesomely pretty.

The other release I d like to bring to your attention is by Izzies and it`s this great tears-tattoo that at some point in your sl-life might could come out handy - lol.
I hope it won t of course but just in case...
I think it s so terribly beautiful, isn t it?

earrings: Zibska

Ok, third and last: the (actually) new release by cStar Limited skins. These eyes come in a huge variety of colours to match your skintone or outfit. I had to show you these although I haven t changed my eyes for about the last four years as I have found the perfect pair for me. But see... those are simply glamorous and irresistable.
I feel like a 50ies movie diva in a dramatic love scene... like watching the love of her life walk away because he has to return to "her" or something...
Thank god, that s just in a picture ;) 

so all you beautiful and loved Ladies,
have a romantic weekend!

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