26 Dec 2012

Coco design

Cocoro Lemmon is one of the creators who s designs you find in every inventory I m sure. But not only because of the generous groupgifts you find in the store but also because Coco created some of the classic fashion pieces on the grid. I thought I d grab some out of my inventory - just in case you haven t seen those goodies yet or need a reminder that your inventory holds so many treasures that you had forgotten about... wanna bet??

sweater ~ Coco Design groupgift
hair ~ Clawtooth
pants ~ Auxiliary skinny jeans
skin ~ Essence (Indi skin)

I know it s holidays and all. It s the time of the year when you think, "ooooh what the heck, let me just get this jacket and not care too much about the price. I dont need it, but I want iiiiitt!"
And there s nothing wrong with that - as long as you re spending your own money and not someone elses ;) hahaha - kidding !.. 
Ok shutting up now and showing you some Coco Design all time favouriiiiites :)

jeans/shirt/blouse/sweater on shoulders/belt ~ Coco Design
hair ~ Boon 
skin ~ Ys&Ys (Sofia)

parka/shirt/Jeans ~ Coco Design

earrings ~ Kunglers
blouse/tuxido pants  ~ Coco Design

Happy treasure finding !

Merry Christmas, Hills :)

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