18 Dec 2012

Moving to Malibu

Moving into my summer residence for the winter. Its simply too cold. Just when I felt that I had to pack my bags and take a flight southbound I got asked to blog this wonderful home called Malibu House and gladly agreed! My chance to get away for a few days... YaaY!
Malibu is the new Al'Ol house, looks great in any atmosphere, on the beach or in the highlands. I decided on off-sim mountains this time, have them since long in my inventory and those are brilliant when you want to keep your primcount low.

Already fully furnished and decorated with only 450 prims (structure + furniture.) It's divided into a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and a jacuzzi in the outdoor area.

Btw I came across this very interesting tutorial the other day of a friend of mine called Marlen Slazar, who is not only an amazing photographer in sl and rl but also a woman of even more unexpected talents. If you re into building and especially into mesh creation and want to keep your prims at a reasonable amount, you might find this tutorial somewhat helpful. The tutorial shows how to turn prim objects into mesh inworld without using the know mesh-programs like Blender or 3Dmax!

If your talents aren t in decorating then this might be a good idea to concider a furnished home.
What I really like about my summer home is my big pool :)
The only thing I might need now is a christmas tree actually! lol

Al'Ol Malibu House is avaiable on Marketplace SL for a special release promotion price, for a limited time!
So take a look at
Malibu House or visit the Mainstore

Hugs, Hills

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