4 Dec 2012

Merry Molichino ;)

Nonooo, you are right of course - it s still called Merry Christmas...
Nevertheless Molichino releases a cute Chrissy sweater and a reindeer version for x-mas for the Peace on Earth Hunt. You can dind more informatin about the hunt on this website.

The skin I m rather crazy about is called Tyra by Deesse`s skins and comes in a limited edition. So you might want to gab a fast cab this time ;)

Chrissy sweater

 The shoes, ok ok I have to say something about these shoes! I love them! Thats not all. They are quite special as I havent seen them anywhere on the grid before but only in a little sorta secret store in the Covet sim next to Exile hair. A few years ago Ju Weissnicht had already made himself wellknown by releasing the Kboots, a pair of boots that took the grid by storm. I still remember going nuts on those boots, all my friends did - it took me a while to find out who the creator was (I m kinda weird with these kinds of things - I dont want to ask anyone but find out by myself - lol). Well half the ppl I saw seemed to be wearing those boots. They were really trendy at that time. 
I have waited for a nice occasion to show these lovely Milady pumps on my blog and I think I found it. These pumps are so lovely and original and surely belong into your x-mas shopping-bags :)) They just fit perfectly with the Reindeer Sweater. ;)

Okies, dont forget to hunt for peace, you know we all can use a little bit more of that in the world.. . omg I sound like those Miss World contestants saying "if I were a politician the first thing I would do is worldpeace !" ;)

Peace on Earth Hunt

Happy hunting, Hills :)

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