23 Dec 2012

New round at the TDR Fusion

It seems the grid is being flooded with skin releases at the moment. This may also have to do with the season and most stores being willing to give generous gifts. Especially when you go to TDR Fusion  you can get a high quality skin for sure, Deesse`s has a Christmas skin, Belleza only recently released a new mens´skin this season, Essence has been very productive, so have Glance skins and Redgrave... 

I could go on and on. Wish I could include Curio skins in that list as well because I really really miss these fabulous skins by Gala Phoenix.
I think I will put this on my list for next year`s wishes. Let s hope we will hear about that sometime soon in the future !

In the meantime I shall stick to the many wonderful skin creators who are still around and do a fabulous job. My latest skin fave  is Sofia by Ys&Ys.
The Jumpsuit I m wearing here is the latest Emery release and I m completely taken over by it. Dont think i ll ever take this off again.... except for ..... showering...
The jewlery set in the first picture is a TDR goodie by Kunglers, the necklace on the second pic is by the Glow studio, the hair of course is Wasabi Pills.
The build is SorayaHouse by Al`Ol homes, build by the talented young builder Albertt Olkhovsky.

 That`s all for today folks! Btw today is the first day in my SL life so far that I logged in and there wasnt ONE single person online in my friendslist.
This makes me think... but gives me hope as well. lol. Shows, ppl do have a RL! hahah I better head off now too! Gonna drag the lot away from their PCs, playstations, DS and smartphones, cuddle the willing and make the rest bake a cake! After that gaze into the lovely candlelights on the table and call my parents. It s their wedding day today. Been married for 44 years now.... thats worth a call, isnt it.

Have a lovely sunday,
Merry Christmas!
Hills :)

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