20 Jan 2013

Daring Daryl ;)

I think I missed out on something special around Christmas... I really should have gone to that party I had an invitation to, but I didnt have anything to wear ! And you cant go to a party whithout the propper requirements, right??
If only I would have had a lovely dress like Daryl by Kunglers... I wouldn t have felt so burried at home. Geez... what can I say.. when the dress arrived the other day and I put it on I recalled that I yet had to get something out of my system - ... a jump into a pool ! 

I wouldn t want to show you what I looked like after the jump (lol). you know it just isnt a nice sight...  who wants that?... and it s much nicer to discover that a good friend is there to safe you :)

on Jay:
 check out Jay`s blog  here

on me:
Daryl Dress ~ all nice and dry by Kunglers Couture
hair ~ Damsel Fly
necklace ~ Je suis
build ~ Abiss 
couple pose picture 1 ~ Hills

Have a nice week, Ladies and Gents :)

Thank you Jay once more for working with me on this post! You re fabulous :)

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