30 Jan 2013

DJ Nowles burns my runway ! TUNE Magazine #5

It s no longer true anymore that men find it hard to get nice clothes in SL. From Sleepy Eddy over Kal Rau to Entente you can find quality clothing for men and the list of good shops is even longer. Check out my blogroll for links :)

Anyway a few days ago I had the pleasure to do a shooting with DJ Morph Nowles for the upcoming issue of Tune Magazine. He´s a wellknown german DJ who spins in clubs like SGB and GOL and has been part of the SL music scene for years now. Other than that he is also a very nice and funny man  and a super professional. It was a fun shooting :) Thankies, Morph!
Morph showed me his fave outfits and really impressed by his sense of styling. Yaay :)
Check this out:

(pictures taken at SGB underground)

Happy shopping :)

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