4 Jan 2013

News @ Zibska

Who has read my blog regularly in the past surely noticed that jewlery and accessoires aren t a passion of mine.... I m not a styling pro I admit ;) But when I read that Zibska was updating their bloggers group I instantly jumped at the occasion. I ve been blogging Zibska now for about four months and I am so happy about that as some of my favourite pictures are those of Zibska creations! Zibska has everything a photographer`s heart can desire! It s unique, inspirational and utterly creative. As my view mostly is that of a photographer not that of the potential customer (I m sorry ;) my intend is to capture the beauty of the object, the remarkable feature and the uniqueness of a creation and I hope I achieve this a little.
 But why am I getting carried away today...? geeez... lol... 
anyway: call the taxi below and go rantsack the shops, that s what I m  saying here of course!! ;)

Solli eyeshadow
Vonn Deux necklace & earrings ~ Zibska
hair ~ likeli

 dress Mila ~ Zibska
hair ~ boon
skin ~ ys&ys

Happy shopping :)

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