31 Jan 2013

Element 8th - The Club

8 is the number of the perfection, the infinity.
 I still recall the first time I TPed into GOL years ago and kept coming back since then. 
If you haven`t seen it you might want to take a look as GOL the Club is unique in more than one way.
 One is you get the best DJs for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if you still can t get enough: even 365 days of the year. 
Another is that it is a unique building unlike any other club you can find in SL. 
The builder and creator is Dakota Neumann who put his passion for architecture and design into GOL.
I also have been immensly amazed by the vision and creativity of this unique personality and with every renewal of GOL
 Dakota has influenced the face of the grid with his buildings and this also makes this club undeniably  the # 1 Lifestyle Club in SL. 

For more impressions on the Club you can visit the website 
or take a look at Dakota`s flickr.
The Club is for sale. 
For more info you can contact Dakota Neumann inworld :)

Have fun clubbing !
and keep in mind that the number of the lion is the 9...
Hills :)

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