24 Feb 2013

Ryvolter has opened its doors

 Of course I went straight down to the mainstore as soon as the sim was opeeeeeen ! Those SHOES omg! The new collection that Vive9 released this weekend under the new name  Ryvolter is a styling must-have.  I m in love with the leather jogger pants!
I found myself digging in my inventory to put some outfits together.
Zibska has released these cute earrings and make-ups that complete the look.

jacket ~ Vive9
hair ~ dirval
eye-makeup ~ Zibska

all tops ~ Emery
leather jogger pants ~ ryvolter
eyes ~ Clemm

clutch "Queen" ~ VG 

shoes ~ ryvolter
shirt ~ Emery

earrings ~ Zibska
skin ~ Essences
lashes ~ Redgrave
lipstick ~ Essences

Ok but enough of that for today, I m off to my cosy couch, some popcorn 
and my alltime fave occupation: watching the Oscars :)) yaaay !!

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