1 Mar 2013

News from OrsiniRed

OrsiniRed is a very active label. Ilanit keeps releasing a lot of wonderful and unique pieces. 
Its really worth jumping down to the mainstore and take a look. 
The Tuscany lingerie shirt is one of my fave nighties ever 
and I almost forgot to change when the plummer arrived the other day 
to fix my dripping water-tap in the bathroom.

This reminds me of this funny story an old sl friend of mine once told me. 
I shouldn t be telling this here in my blog 
as it is a fashion blog and you uuuuse your fashion blog 
for fashion purposes only don t you?! 
Someone once asked me in a rather hysterical tone: "You seriously blogged about it??" 
Hmm, well I always "verwurste" sl-stories in my posts (that word just now was kinda german - sorry;). 
Anyway this friend with his lappy (...) on his knees (...) in bed (...) and then he (...) 
it was obvious that (...) and suddenly (...) he grabbed his 
(...) when the cleaning-woman opened the door 
and came in he had to (...) very fast.
-  it all was very funny, believe me.
Go fill in the gaps with your imagination. I m not giving any hints!

... and I m not going to say too much about this dress below either....
You guys see for yourselves, ok??

It s not as if I were here for your entertainment, right !?.. *rolls eyes*
Gosh... now what s this box....?

 "Sender: Pandora".... hmm, wonder what that is all about...

So if you guys want to know what the cleaning woman said after she had enterd the room and
why my friend has a nanny now instead.... 
you should come drop by from time to time.
You never know what it s good for :))
Meanwhile go check out OrsiniRed!

And since it s friday and that s always a good time to go discover some happy friday pics 
on flickr, 
take a look at Emalines latest picture. I simply think it s breath-takingly beautiful:)

Have a lovely friday all,

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